Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music do you use?

Music in the worship service is a tool to aid our worship of God – not for entertainment. Our music is screened for truth in the lyrics and consistency between the message and music before we use it. Attention is paid to the Biblical content, and musical quality of the historical and contemporary hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs that we sing.

What Bible version do you use in your services?

Those in our congregation typically use the HCSB or the ESV. Pastor Tim preaches from the HCSB referring to other translations as it is beneficial.

Do you have any programs for kids?

YES! On Sundays, we have childcare for babies and toddlers. We have a children’s church during the sermon time for preschool and young elementary age children. Children may go to this class or stay with their parents. This is left up to the discretion of the parents.

On Wednesday night we have Answers Academy for kids.  Your kids have questions and the Bible has Answers.

Our Answers Academy uses materials from Answers in Genesis that cover

  • The big story of the Bible in Chronological Order (Genesis through Revelation)
  • Apologetics (defending your faith)
  • Science and the Bible

There is no cost for this program.  It is provided to the children of Tracy by Crossroads Baptist Church.

Answers Academy is for children PreK  through 4th grade.

Answers Academy meets August – April.

Aftershock Youth – for Middle School students 5th – 8th grade.


What is the pastor's preaching style?

Our conviction that the church has suffered because it has downgraded the preaching of the Word. An appropriate amount of time is dedicated to the expository preaching of the Word and its application to our lives today. We believe in saying what the the Bible says, where the Bible says it, with emphasis the Bible gives!

What movements are you a part of?

We are not followers of any modern movements. The Bible clearly teaches that No man seeks after God except the Father draws him. We do not seek to entertain or to make people comfortable but rather to challenge, exhort, and edify. We gather to worship, scatter, witness, and share the love of Christ with our neighbors. We like to say that we are “Savior Sensitive.” We fellowship with the General, and California Associations of Regular Baptist Churches.

903 S. Corral Hollow Rd. Tracy, CA 95376 (BACK BUILDING, look for the blue doors)
Sunday 10:30am, Wed 6:30pm