The leadership roles, such as teaching, leading worship, and directing ministries, are reserved for church members. However, even before you become a church member you can help and serve. You can help a Sunday School teacher, listen to children recite Bible verses in Answers Club, or provide special music.

Church Membership

Crossroads believes in saved and baptized church membership. This simply means that you were saved, then baptized by immersion, then join the church. We believe that this is the Biblical example that we see in Acts.

Membership Class

To become a member, you will need to go through a membership class. This class explains what it means to be a church member and why it is important. It also explains the church’s statement of faith and introduces the privileges and responsibilities of membership.

Children’s Ministry

To work in Children’s ministry you must submit an application agreeing to our Child Care, and Abuse Prevention Policy and be Background Checked. If you are interested in serving in children’s ministry, please submit the application below.

Children’s Ministry Worker Application

Thank you for your interest in serving in children’s ministry at Crossroad’s Baptist Church! Please fill out this application. As part of our child protection policy, we require that everyone who works with children go through a background check process.